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Kids Pillows

Ferm Living offers a variety of playful, modern pillows for the little ones in many fun shapes and colors.  Bring in some birds, robots or owls to your kid's room for lots of sleeping, laughing, or, well, pillow fighting...

Teepee Quilted Pillow (Gray)
Teepee Quilted Pillow (Rose)
Teepee Quilted Pillow (Mint)
Dots (Curry) Pillow
Dots (Gray) Pillow
Dots (Rose) Pillow
Dots (Dusty Blue) Pillow
Bear Pillow
Dog Pillow
Cat Pillow
Plane Pillow
Mr. Bear Cushion
Mr. Cat Cushion
Horse Cushion
Owl Cushion
Whale Cushion
Octopus Cushion
Tiger Cushion
Guitar Pillow
Mr. Robot (Large) Pillow
Mr. Robot (Small) Pillow
Lightning Pillow
Star Pillow
Raindrops Pillow
Cloud Pillow
Posey Panda Pillow
Mr. Frank Fox Pillow
Elle Elephant Pillow
Aristo Katt Pillow
Rush Hour (Gray) Pillow
Tiny Train Pillow
Ferris Pillow
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